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Gear Demos

I’ll use this space to compile demos I do at the TGR Test Lab that highlight particular aspects and elements of Trey’s tone.

Headphones helpful for these. I did a handful of studio demos of the Komet Amplification Ambikab Jr. It was pretty revealing to hear it recorded, especially when you do some L/R separation between the cabinets.

The first half of each track is recorded using a Languedoc G2 into a Tone King Sky King. The Sky King sends a speaker out to a Hard Truckers 2×12 and another the Ambikab Jr, which has the Keeley Electronics Eccos Glazed Parallel Delay + Reverb in the effect loop. No front-end effects.

The second half of each track is recorded using the Keeley Caverns Delay + Reverb in front of the Sky King with no Ambikab.
The Sky King is dialed to a high gain, high mids setting on the lead channel. To me, the tone is more authoritative, clearer, less cluttered/muddy, and more spacious with the Ambikab. Critically, you don’t get destructive interference between wet and dry tones when you’re using delays and reverbs. I think think it will become a critical piece of my rig.

Reference Tone: 5 minute mark of “Free” from Stateline, NV, 7-17-2018.

Reference Tone:  8:30 mark of Back on the Train from MSG, 12-28-2017:

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