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Bogner Shiva

Bogner Shiva (Reverb link).


These amplifiers started appearing in the Phish 3.0 era (2009-present).  They’ve appeared in various formats, including as heads, alone or in pairs, powering the 2x12s, and also as combos, often in conjunction with the Mark III.  The Shiva can run either 6L6 tubes at 60 watts or EL-34’s at 80 watts.  The 20th anniversary edition (the stamped leather may indicate the above amp is one of these models) runs KT88’s for 90 watts.  Bogner describes the two-channel amp as “capable of clean tones that shimmer like icicles in the deep of winter moonlight and tube saturation that is so rich and powerful it should be illegal in the free world.”

Note: neither Tubescreamer in this pair has the Analogman sunface logo.  Mysteries abound.

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