Trey Anastasio's Guitar Equipment, tour-by-tour.

Komet Ambikab

This Komet cabinet is designed specifically to handle guitar effects. Komet describes the Ambikab as providing “a unique solution to the age old problem of applying ambient, time-based effects to an amplifier’s sound without degrading the original sound in any way.”  According to a source close to the rig, this change was made as part of Trey’s tireless quest to find a cleaner rhythm sound. Per this source, Trey’s original Ambikab was a NAMM show prototype. The cabinet has two 12″ speakers (Celestial Heritage 65’s currently) that are fed a dry signal directly from the Komet amp head. It also has two 8″ speakers that handle the “wet” signal (these may have been changed to 10″). The dry signal is sent out to the Supa-Puss and the second Eventide Space Reverb and then returns to the Ambikab which re-amps it as a wet signal to the 8″ speakers. So there are two 12″ dry speakers and two 8″ wet speakers, allowing the time-based effects to color the guitar’s sound without overwhelming it.


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