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Komet Trainwreck 60

Komet Trainwreck 60 Heads (manufacturer link).


Trey first introduced these amps to his rig at Madison Square Garden for the 2016-17 New Year’s Run.  The Trainwreck 60 is capable of running several different tube configurations, and initially Trey ran one with NOS Phillips 6L6 power tubes as a rhythm guitar amp and a second with NOS Mullard EL34 tubes as a lead guitar amp.  He used a Lehle amp switcher to toggle back and forth between them.  It seemed like Trey had settled on the EL-34 sound and for awhile was just running two identical amps with one as a backup in case the other failed.   In the EL-34 configuration, this amp leans toward the English / Marshall style sound rather than the American-style 6L6 sound of Trey’s Deluxe Reverb. EL-34’s are tight, track well, and has a throaty growl when pushed with his Tubescreamers.  The downside is the clean tone can be somewhat nasal, while 6L6 can produce big, bubbly cleans in spades.

These amps were still the heart of the rig as of Summer Tour 2017.  Trey started that tour with the Ross Compressor in line, but dropped it after a few shows (the Victoria Reverberato took the its place in the CAE switcher).   During the Baker’s Dozen shows at Madison Square Garden, a source close to the rig (citing a conversation with Trey) said that the Ross was necessary during the Mesa Boogie Mark III era but is less so with the Komet Trainwrecks.  The reason has to do with the natural compression delivered by power tubes that are turned up and working hard.

While the Boogie’s pre-amp tubes were cranked (Volume set to 10), the power tubes were staying relatively cool (Master Volume set to 3).  That’s because the Boogie has so much power/headroom that higher Master Volume settings would be ear-splitting on stage.  In that scenario, the Ross was necessary to compensate for the absence of natural power tube compression and provide the “eternal sustain” sound Trey uses for songs like Divided Sky and YEM.  On the lower-wattage Komet, there is only a single Volume knob (no Master) and it controls the power tube output.  Because the amp has lower overall power than the Boogie, that Volume knob is set higher, so the Komet power tubes are really cooking.  Under those conditions, the power tubes deliver compression and sustain naturally, and once Trey got comfortable that the Komet was doing doing this, he removed the Ross.  (Note: the Ross is back as of The Gorge 2018).

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