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2017-18 NYE Signal Chain

Trey’s signal chain, current as of the MSG New Year’s run that closed out 2017, was as follows:


-Korg DTR tuner–>

-Whammy 2–>
-CAE Wah–>
-Klon Centaur–>
-EHX POG-2–>
-Boss OC-2–>
-MXR Bass Envelope filter–>
-Beigel Tru-Tron–>
-Ibanez TS-808 (LESS)–>
-Ross compressor–>
-Ibanez TS-808 (MORE)–>
-Alesis Microverb–>
-Victoria Reverberato–>
-Shin Ei Univibe (w/ MXR line driver)–>
-CAE Super Tremolo–>
-Moog MF-104–>
-Boomerang Phrase Sampler–>
-Ibanez DM 2000–>
-Eventide Space Reverb #1–>
Note: the Fishhole, Shimmer, & Spring controls on the CAE Expanders are for this Reverb unit.

-Leslie G37 powered rotary speaker cabinet

-Komet 60 amp head (EL-34’s)–>
-Komet AmbiKab speaker cabinets*

*Ambikabs: 2 x (1X12 “dry” / 1X10 “wet”) speaker cabinets (one main, one backup; the backup has a 2nd set of identical loops and features)
Ambikab Loops:
Eventide Time Factors #2 and #3
Eventide Space Reverbs (always on “Plate” setting)
Note: the two Dunlop XL expression pedals control both Time Factors in the Ambikab effects loops.

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