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Summer 2012 Signal Chain

In the rig rundown that Phish published in early 2013 (but appears to have been recorded during Summer Tour 2012), DIJ/CRAP was still in place, and Trey explained that the DIJ/CRAP button gave him access to the Boomerang and the TC Electronics delay.  He suggested it may have included the Tremolo as well, though he was unclear on that point.  In the screengrab from that video, below, you can see a somewhat different layout.  That layout appears to be:

Loop #1: Ibanez DM-2000 digital delay
Loop #2: MOD (controls the MOD feature on the DM2000)
Loop #3: HOLD (controls the HOLD feature on the DM2000)
Loop #4: Alesis Microverb
Loop #5: DIJ/CRAP (Boomerang Phrase Sampler; Whammy II)
Loop #6: Black Cat Univibe (pre-Shin Ei)

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 12.36.29 PM

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