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Summer-Fall 2017 Signal Chain

The signal chain for Northerly Island 2017 through most of 2017 TAB Fall Tour was as follows:

Guitar –> Custom Audio Electronics 4X4 switchers (loops 1-8 below) –> Komet Trainwreck 60 amps –> Ambikab speaker cabinet

CAE switcher loops:

Loop 1: Whammy II & Wah
Loop 2: Ross (replaced with Victoria Reverberato before Baker’s Dozen)
Loop 3: TS-9 (less)
Loop 4: TS-808 (more)
Loop 5:  Univibe
Loop 6:  Moog MF-104M
Loop 7:  Boomerang & DM-2000*
Loop 8:  Eventide Space #1

The Ambikab’s effects loop runs to a second Eventide Space Reverb and the Supa-Puss analog delay, which run to the cab’s 8″ speakers, while the 12″ inch speakers run the dry signal.

*There are MOD and HOLD buttons on the CAE at top right; the FS-5 above and to the right of the CAE bypasses the DM-2000, since it shares a switcher space with the Boomerang.

The photo below reflects this signal chain:

CAE numbered

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