Amplification: 2 x Mesa Boogie Mark III Long Heads; 2 2×12 felt-covered vertical cabs. The vintage Leslie and the Goff Trek controller appear in the Eugene, OR, photos, but not in the SF photos.

Guitars: 1999 Koa.

Floor Pedals: Digitech Whammy II; Dunlop Wah; CAE Audio Switcher; Boomerang Phrase Sampler; Boss FS-5U (heavy things sample). Goff Trek II Leslie Controller. There are several other tap-type switches and bypass switches I can’t ID.

Rack Pedals: Univibe; Fulltone Tape Delay.

Rack: Furman Power Conditioner, Korg DTR-2, Alesis Microverb, and Ibanez DM-2000

Amps in SF

Here’s a good view from SF (10-29-14) of the 2 Mesa Mark III Long Heads flanked by 2 felt-covered 2×12 cabs.

Billy Graham rear

Also from SF, this show shows the open back of one of the 2x12s, which looks an awful lot on the inside like the old, uncovered Languedoc cabs Trey used for years.  He may just have had them covered.  You can also see the Leslie G-37, a modern, guitar-based version of the legendary rotating speaker.  On the right, you can see the UniVibe and the Fulltone Tape Delay.


A good view of the rack with the Fulltone tape delay and UniVibe on top of it.  The rack appears to have, from top, the Furman Power Conditioner, Korg DTR-2, Alesis Microverb, and Ibanez DM-2000; we can’t see below that.

001_141017_phish_eugene_rene_huemerIn this shot from Eugene (10-17-14), the rig is slightly changed.  Instead of the Leslie G-37, Trey appears to be back to a vintage Leslie cabinet.  And on the floor (all the way to Trey’s left) is the Goff Trek II Leslie Controller, which appears to be associated with the vintage cab and not the G-37.  The wah, TS-9s, Digitech Whammy, Boomerang, and CAE switcher also appear to be at his feet, among possibly others.