Amplification:  2 x Mesa Boogie Mark III Long Head; 2 vertically stacked, felt-covered 2×12 speakers.

Guitar: Sunburst Languedoc refurb.  This guitar has Marley chasing a cat on the headstock with the “I’m the Mar-Mar” caption.  This guitar initially appeared in the early 90s with a blonde top but was refurbished by Paul as a sunburst and was also used during the Miami NYE run later this year.

Floor Pedals: CAE switcher, Whammy II, TCE Nova Repeater Delay, Dunlop/Teese Wah, 2 x TS-9, Boomerang, Tremolo speed control.

Rack Pedals: Fulltone Tape Echo; Uni-Vibe.

Rack: Furman Power Conditioner, the Korg DTR-2 Tuner, then a space split between the Alesis Microverb and the CAE Super Tremolo (the CAE Black Cat Vibe has been replaced by the Shin-Ei), then the Ibanez DM-2000.

12-3-14 (trey band 2).jpg

Trey’s guitar tech, Brian, is breaking down the rig in this shot from Trey’s 12-3-14 show at the 9:30 Club in DC.  The Mark III’s are behind him.   On the floor, from right, you can see the CAE with an unidentified expression pedal below it (more on that pedal, with audio samples, here).  Then just to our right of the mic stand are the Whammy and Nova Repeater.  To our left of the mic stand are the wah, Tubescreamers, and Boomerang.  At our far left are the speed control and some other unidentified tap pedals.


11-28-14 Aragon close up.png

Here’s a really clear shot of the Fulltone Tape Echo and Uni-Vibe on top of the rack to Trey’s right from the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago 11-28-14.  Otherwise the floor array appears to be the same as the 930 club.