There are 2 changes TGR readers will want to know about for this Spring’s TAB tour:

  1. According to my sources, there is no longer a 6L6 Komet as of April 30.  Instead, both Komet heads are running EL-34 tubes and one is serving as a read-to-go backup if needed.
  2. The Leslie G-37 stayed at home (this is typical for TAB).

Otherwise, the equipment remains consistent with the newly-overhauled rig Trey debuted at MSG in 2016.

The photos below are from Stubb’s Waller Creek Amphitheater in Austin, TX (4.29.17).

Amplification: Trainwreck Komet 60 (x2) — Rhythm amp has NOS Phillips 6L6 tubes; Lead amp has NOS Mullard EL34 tubes (as of April 30, both amps are running EL-34 tubes and one is backup).  Bruno Speaker Cabinets(x2) loaded with Celestion G12-65 Heritage Speakers.  Victoria Reverberato.

Guitars: Koa #1.

Floor Pedals: Beigel Tru-Tron; Boomerang, Whammy II, CAE RS-10 Audio Switcher (see here for signal chain), Crybaby Wah, Ernie Ball Volume, Lehle Little Dual Amp Switcher, Boss FS-5 switches.

Rack Pedals: 2 x TS-808; Way Huge Supa Puss; Shin-ei Uni-Vibe; Klon Centaur; Alesis Microverb.

Rack (from top):  Furman Power Conditioner, Korg DTR-2 Tuner, Ibanez DM-2000, TC Electronic D-Two, 3 x CAE 4×4.

Note in the below that there are only 3 Boss FS-5 footswitches instead of the usual 5; (1) “once” pedal for the Boomerang; (2) tap tempo for the Supa Puss; (3) mutes the DM-2000 digital delay (since it shares a slot in the CAE with the Boomerang).  Switches 4 and 5, normally in place to control the Leslie, are not present since the Leslie isn’t in use.

In the below photo, it’s clear that the Bruno cabinets are labeled “A” and “B”.  These correspond to the amp selector, with one cabinet powered by the El-34 Komet and the other powered by the 6L6 Komet.  As of April 30, both Komets run EL-34’s and one is a backup to the other, meaning one of these cabinets is a dedicated backup, as well.

Below we see the rack is unchanged, as are the rack pedals and amplifier array.  One fun addition — a footswitch at the bottom right that engages Trey’s talkback mic so he can communicate with the band via their monitors.