Guitars:  Sunburst 1943 Martin D-28, Koa 1.

Amplifier:  1964 Blackface Fender Princeton Reverb.

Floor/effects:  TS-9 (more), TS-808 (less), Shin-Ei Uni-Vibe, CAE Boost/Line Driver, Walrus Audio Transit 3-loop bypass switcher.  Note that the Uni-Vibe is in front of the Tube Screamers, whereas Trey usually runs the distortion first (Hendrix-style).

Mic: Shure SM-57.

Below you can see the floor array.  There’s a true bypass pedal marked “Wet – Dry” next to the Univibe, but while it has power, there’s nothing else plugged in to it.  The 3-button bypass switcher is marked with loops for MORE, LESS and UNIVIBE.  You can see the numbered stickers on the Tube Screamers and Uni-Vibe that correspond with the loops in Trey’s CAE switcher for Phish tour, indicating that these are the same effects units from his Phish touring rig.

Below you can see Koa 1 and the ’64 Princeton.

Below you can see Trey’s G7th Performance capos, his Adamas Graphite Picks, and his nail clippers and file.

Here’s a look at some of the Brazilian Rosewood grain on the back of that Martin:


Here’s the Martin from the front: