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Groove Tubes Dual 75

Groove Tubes Dual 75 Selectable Stereo Amplifier

This amplifier only appeared for a few years in the mid-90s.  That said, the years during which this amp powered the rig are celebrated by Phans, and many aficionados of Trey’s tone consider the Dual 75 years to have produced some of the guitarists most unique and celebrated tones.

Groove Tubes described the Dual 75 as “the only selectable dual power tube amp on the planet” when it was released, and boasted that it “allows the player to customized his sound on either channel by selecting the type of power tube” used.  The amp can run 6L6 tubes for the classic American sound (Fender, Boogie), EL34 tubes for the British rock sound (Marshall, Vox, Hiwatt), 6550 tubes for high headroom metal sound, or KT88 tubes, the British version of the 6550.  The amp ran between 45 watts at the low end (6L6C) and 75 watts at the high end (6550 or KT88).  Each channel has volume and presence controls, but no EQ, which is why Trey always used this amplifier in conjunction a Bob Bradshaw 3-channel preamp.

Below are close-ups of the front and rear panels of a Dual 75: Image result for groove tubes dual 75 selectable stereo tube amplifier

And this is a Bradshaw/CAE 3-channel preamp: Image result for bradshaw 3 channel preamp

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