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Fall-Winter 2017 Signal Chain

This signal chain appeared briefly at the end of TAB 2017 fall tour (11/4/2017) before being wholly replaced by the CAE rig overhaul and subsequent MSG adjustments of December 2017.

Guitar –> Custom Audio Electronics 4X4 switchers (loops 1-8 below) –> Eventide Space Reverb –>

(1) Komet Trainwreck 60 amp (6L6) –> Ambikab speaker cabinet (6L6)

(2) Komet Trainwreck 60 amp (EL-34) –> Ambikab speaker cabinet (EL-34)

CAE switcher loops:

Loop 1: Whammy II & Wah
Loop 2: Klon Centaur
Loop 3: TS-808
Loop 4: Mutron
Loop 5:  Univibe
Loop 6:  Moog MF-104M
Loop 7:  Boomerang & DM-2000*
Loop 8:  Marshall (this switches to the EL-34 Komet and Ambikab)

Each Ambikab’s effects loop runs to an Eventide Space Reverb and a Supa-Puss analog delay, which run to the cab’s 8″ speakers, while the 12″ inch speakers run the dry signal.

*There are MOD and HOLD buttons on the CAE at top right; the FS-5 above and to the right of the CAE bypasses the DM-2000, since it shares a switcher space with the Boomerang.  Also note that there are two switches labeled “KILL” and two switches labeled “PUSS TAP,” as there are now separate, fully independent effects loops for each Komet/Ambikab.

The photo below reflects this signal chain:

CAE FS-5 detail

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