The good folks at Custom Audio Electronics, newly relocated in Rock Lititz, PA, released some photos of their rebuild of Trey’s rig in advance of the MSG NYE shows, and it was truly a complete overhaul.  The entire midi-switching core of Trey’s rig is brand new, new pedals are in play, and old favorites have returned.

Amplification: Trainwreck Komet 60 (x2).

Cabinets:  2 Komet Ambikabs.  Each Komet has its own dedicated Ambikab, and each Ambikab has its own effects loop, set up in trays in the new rack (see below).

Guitars: Koa #1 was there for test drives.

•  Boomerang
•  CAE RST-24 Audio Switcher (see channel listing below)
•  Dunlop CAE Wah MC404
•  Whammy II
•  2 Expression pedals (feedback and mix for Time Factors)
•  Boss Expression pedal for Super Tremolo speed control

Top Plate:
•  EHX POG 2
•  Boss OC-2
•  TS-808
•  Mu-Tron 3x
•  MXR Bass Envelope Filter
•  Moog 104M Analog Delay

Bottom Tray:
•  Klon Centuar
•  TS-808
•  Ross Compressor
•  Shin-Ei Univibe
•  CAE Line Driver

Ambikab Trays:
•  1 x Eventide Time Factor per tray
•  1 x Eventide Space Reverb per tray

Experimental Tray:  Empty.

Rack units:
•  Furman Power Conditioner
•  Korg DTR-2 Tuner
•  Ibanez DM-2000
•  CAE Custom Series Audio Controller x 2
•  Eventide Space Reverb

Custom Audio Electronics posted the photos below.  They included the following message:

Just finished a new system for Trey Anastasio of Phish. This was the first major update for Trey in over 20 years! While he has been a major supporter of CAE for many years, this was the first time I was commissioned to design and build a “ground up” system from scratch(except of a backup rig in the 90″s). This system made its live debut at Warren Haynes’ Christmas Jam in Asheville NC this past saturday. See and hear it in action at the Phish New Years shows at MSG in New Your City. See individual photos for more details. Thanks!

Rack top pedals
This is the top plate, which tilts up for easy access.

midi switcher
The RST-24 is the heart of the floor array.  The “Feedback” and “Mix” expression pedals control the Delay (most likely the Moog).  The CAE Wah is a customized version of a Dunlop Wah, and is new to Trey’s rig.  Note in the bottom left of the RST-24 a switch for “Trey ’94.”  According to CAE, this gives Trey a TS-808 into the Ross Compressor.

klon 808 etc
This is the Bottom Tray of the rack.

There are 2 identical Ambikab Trays; one for each cabinet.  This is one of them.

Rack top close
Note the return of the CAE/Bradshaw Tremolo.  For awhile, this had been replaced by the Victoria Reverberato.

rack switch units
In conjunction with the CAE RST-24, the CAE Custom Series Audio Controllers are the beating heart of this rig.

Here’s a channel listing for the RST-24:

1. Leslie Speed
2. Victoria Reverberato
3. Bradshaw Tremolo
4. Bass Envelope Filter
5. DM 2000
6. DM 2000 MOD function
7. DM 2000 HOLD function
8. CAE Wah
9. Leslie ON/OFF
10. Space (pre) – assuming this controls the reverb unrelated to ambikabs
11. Mutron
12. Shin-Ei Univibe
13. Boss OC-2
14. Moog Analog Delay
15. ?
16. Whammy II
17. Tuner and Amp A/B
18. Trey 94
19. TS-808
20.  Klon
21. POG
22.  MOOG tap
23. Eventide tap
24. Boomerang