It’s difficult to find high resolution images from this era, but Phish was good enough to show 7/8/94 as part of the “Dinner and a Movie” series in July 2020 and I combined several images pulled from that performance with some others I’d been keeping in my archives to put together this posting.  As always, if you have quality photos of the rig from this era or any other, please send them along at the email address on the right side of this page.  There’s still a lot unknown here, particularly around what pedals are at Trey’s feet.  He must have the CAE controller, because we can see the CAE 4×4 rackmount switching units in these pictures.  Presumably the volume pedal is still in as well.  But what else?

Amplification: 2 x Mesa Boogie Mark III Long head.  It looks as if only the top unit is plugged in, making the bottom unit a backup.  The lead/rhythm channel switcher is in use, so Trey used both channels in this era.

Cabinets: Two 2×12 Languedoc wood cabinets.

Guitars: Old Reliable.

Floor Pedals: CAE RS-10 Audio Switcher, Ernie Ball Volume

Effects Rack (from top): Furman Power Conditioner, Ibanez DM-2000, EHX Small Stone Phase Shifter; DOD 680 Analog Delay; 1x Ibanez TS-9, 1 x Ibanez TS-10; Ross Compressor; 2 x CAE 4×4.

Amp Rack:  Alesis Microverb (x2); CAE switchers.

You can see the two Alesis Microverbs in the amp rack in between the Boogies, just to the right of Trey’s guitar. Also note, there are two input jacks being used here: the top is the guitar input, the bottom runs to a pedal that switches the Boogie to its LEAD setting.

Here from 7/8/94 we can see the effects rack is in use, but it’s difficult to see what’s inside. The Furman power conditioner is on top, which the Ibanez DM-2000 below it, but beyond there it’s hard to tell. There may be a TS-10 on the bottom.

This screengrab from the “Bluegrass Sessions 1994” video on YouTube gives us a great look at the effects rack later in ’94. Below the DM-2000 is the EHX Small Stone phaser (right), which was used somewhat consistently in the mid-90s, and the DOD 680 Analog Delay (left), which I have not seen in Trey’s rig in any other context. Below that are (from left) Ross Compressor, TS-10, TS-9.

A nice look at Old Reliable from the 7/8/94 DaaM broadcast.

Two Boogies in December 1994.  The resolution is poor, but it appears as if the Microverbs are still in between the amps, and of course the two 2×12 cabs are still in place.