High quality photography of this era is not easy to come by.  Phish helped us out by airing two shows from 1995 as part of the “Dinner and a Movie” series in 2020.  The first was Deer Creek (6/19/1995) and the second was New Year’s Eve 1995.  Photos and rundown below. 

Amplification: Groove Tubes Dual 75 Selectable Stereo Tube Amplifier; Bradshaw 3-channel preamp; Leslie 900 horn/crossover.

Cabinets:  2×12 Languedoc wood cabinets.

Guitars:  Old Reliable (aka “Mar Mar”).

Floor Pedals: Whammy IICAE RS-10 Audio Switcher (with expander)Crybaby WahErnie Ball Volume, speed/waveform controls for CAE Trem.

Effects Rack (from top):  Furman Power Conditioner, Ibanez DM-2000.  Presumably there is more gear in this rack but it’s facing Trey which makes it really hard to see.  There was plenty of other gear in this rack in 1996.

Amp Rack (from top): Furman Power Conditioner, Black Cat Vibe (not present at Deer Creek), CAE/Bradshaw 3-channel preamp, 3 x Alesis Microverbs (“Reverse,” “Vast,” and “Full”); 2 x CAE 4×4; CAE Tremolo; Peavey Valverb Reverb/Tremolo, GT Dual 75.


Here’s a beautiful shot snagged from the NYE 95 DaaM webcast. You can see everything pretty clearly in the rack.

Here’s a shot of the rack that faces Trey. You can see the power conditioner in the top of it and the DM-2000 beneath that. But there’s a lot more space in the rack and I’m guessing more gear we can’t see.

Here’s a close-up of the Custom Audio Electronics midi floor controllers from Deer Creek. There are two units, the RST-10 and an RST “expander” that adds more channels of midi for greater control.

Here’s another Deer Creek shot that gives us a nice look at the Alesis Microverbs.

Here’s the full rig from above at Deer Creek.

Here’s a pic from the NYE webcast that I went a little overboard in marking up.