Amplification: Fender Blackface Deluxe Reverb; Gallien Krueger solid state bass amplifier (for monitoring Mike Gordon).

Cabinets:   Bruno Speaker Cabinet; Leslie Rotating Speaker.

Guitars:  Koa 2.

Floor Pedals: 2 x TS-9 Tube Screamer; BoomerangWhammy IICAE RS-10 Audio SwitcherCrybaby WahErnie Ball Volume, Speed control (for Trem or Vibe).

Rack (from top):  Furman Power Conditioner, Korg DTR-2 Tuner, Ibanez DM-2000, CAE Black Cat Vibe / CAE Black Cat Tremolo; 3 x Alesis Reverb units (1 Microverb, 2 Nanoverbs) 1 x CAE 4×4.

Mics: Trey’s rig was mic’d by 2 AKG 414 microphones.

Note that the small Gallien-Krueger amplifier to our right of Trey’s Deluxe Reverb is a monitor for Mike.  In an interview with MixOnline, Oysterhead monitor engineer Tom Lyon explaiend Trey’s use of the G-K, asserting, “Trey gets his vocal, and under that is a mixture of everyone else’s vocals and a tiny bit of drums, but no guitar. He also has, luckily for me, his own Gallien Kruger bass amp, which he uses to get some of Les’ signal, and he sets his own levels on it.”

Coventry - full - WM

Leslie - coventry - wm