Amplification: Mesa Boogie Mark III Long Head; 1 or 2 2×12 vertical Languedoc pine cabs Vintage Leslie rotating speaker

Guitars: Koa 2, Ocedoc (introduced 8/5/10)

Floor Pedals:

•  Digitech Whammy II
•  TC Electronic Nova Repeater Digital Delay
•  Dunlop Wah
•  CAE RS-10 Audio Switcher
•  Boomerang Phrase Sampler
•  Boss FS-5U (heavy things sample)
•  TS-9/808 Tube Screamers
•  Goff Trek II Leslie Controller
•  There are several other tap-type switches and bypass switches I can’t ID


•  Furman Power Conditioner
•  Korg DTR-2 Tuner
•  Alesis Microverb
•  Ibanez DM-2000
•  CAE Black Cat Vibe
•  CAE Super Tremolo

The Ocedoc guitar was introduced 8-5-10 at the Greek Theater in Berkeley, pictured here.

Here’s a good look at the floor array. From left, the Goff Leslie switch, a pair of Boss FS-5 switches, the CAE RS-10, the Dunlop Wah, TS-9’s and Ross Compressor, TC Electronics Nova Repeater Digital Delay, Boomerang, Once pedal, and speed control expression pedal for the CAE Super Tremolo.

I took this shot in Telluride. In the rack you can see, from top: Furman Power, Korg Tuner, Ibanez DM-2000, CAE Super Tremolo/Black Cat Vibe, three Alesis reverb sharing a rack space (Nanoverb-Microverb-Nanoverb).

At some shows, Trey only brought out a single 2×12, making for a relatively small rig, as here on 6-26-10 at Merriweather Post. You can see the Mesa Mark III Long head at right.

Here’s a nice shot of the Ocedoc Guitar; and you can see the Boogie Mark III hidden behind the 2×12.

In Alpine Valley, Trey used 2 of the 2×12 Languedoc cabinets.

Koa 2 at Merriweather Post 6-26-10.