•  Mark III Long Head
•  2 x Languedoc 2×12 cabs.
•  Solid state bass amplifier.
•  Vintage Leslie rotating speaker.

Guitar: Ocelot.

Floor pedals:

•  Goff Trek II Leslie Controller
•  CAE RS-10 switcher
•  Whammy II
•  TCE Nova Repeater
•  2x TS-9
•  Wah
•  Ross Compressor
•  Boomerang
•  Tremolo control expression pedal


•  Furman Power
•  Korg Tuner
•  Ibanez DM-2000
•  CAE Super Tremolo
•  Black Cat Vibe
•  3 x Alesis reverbs sharing a rack space (Nanoverb-Microverb-Nanoverb).

The floor array.  There are three Boss FS-5U footswitches on the floor. The one next to the TC Electronics Nova repeater engages the lead channel on the Boogie. One of the two on the left side is the “ONCE” button for “Heavy Things.”  In the past, the other one has been a bypass for the DM-2000, because the Boomerang and DM-2000 share a loop on the RS-10.  The bypass allowed Trey to hear the Boomerang alone.

Here are the 2 Languedoc cabinets and rack. The Leslie is behind Trey to his right and the bass monitor cab is behind him to his left.

You can see the Boogie head in the bottom left quadrant of this photo. The Bass monitor is in the center with two circular ports in it. In this era, Trey liked to control his own bass monitor so he had it piped into this cabinet and used a volume pedal on the floor to control it.

A somewhat closer look at the rack. This classic iteration of the rack lasted for quite a few tours.

Ocelot. This guitar was still fairly new at the time, having been introduced on stage in August of 2010.

From the back, you can see the dual-ported bass cab on our left, the Leslie cab, the Languedoc cabs, and rear of rack. Always happy to get a well-lit shot from behind the rig.

The CAE RS-10 and Whammy up close.

Another great, well-lit shot of the floor array during the YEM trampolines. Trey was using the Whammy II quite often during this era. It was a huge part of his effects arsenal, and he used every last part of it, selecting between many of the pedals different effects capabilities, including bends, harmonies, and octaves.  The three pedals all the way at the right (bottom right corner) control the teleprompter.