Though the pedals lay out out a bit differently here and there, the rig appears to remain stable through much of 2013, and summer tour looks much like fall/Halloween.

Amplifiers: Mark III Long Head, Bogner Shiva Combo, single 2×12 un-covered Languedoc cab. SWR solid state amplifier. Vintage Leslie rotating speaker.  Victoria Reverberato.

Guitars: ’99 Koa.

Floor pedals: Goff Trek II Leslie Controller, CAE Switcher, Whammy II, TCE Nova Repeater, 2x TS-9, Wah, Ross Compressor, Boomerang, Tremolo control.

Rack pedals: n/a

7-6.pngA bit grainy at this zoom, but in this SPAC shot (7-6-13) you can clearly make out the Mark III Long Head atop the Shiva Combo with the un-covered 2×12 speaker.  Behind that is the SWR solid state and the vintage Goff Leslie.  The rack is behind and to the left of the amplification, and has no pedals atop it.  You can see here the Ocelot has been sidelined in favor of the Koa.  I wondered at the time if that had to do with East Coast summer humidity.

7-5This is 7-5-13 at SPAC, and you can see the pedal array stays fairly consistent with Fall 2013.  Later in the year, the Boomerang would move in closer to the CAE for more of a fortress-like appearance from the pedals.  But it’s all here. The Ross is more clearly visible without the ‘Rang blocking it.

7-3This shot from Bangor (7-3-13) shows an external reverb unit (left) up against the rack.  This also appeared in the January 2016 Guitar World photos (discussed here), and I believe it is a Victoria Reverberato Reverb & Tremolo unit.