Amplification: Mesa Boogie Mark III Long Head; Bogner Shiva Head; 2 2×12 uncovered vertical cabs (Note: this seems to be the last appearance of the old Languedoc wooden 2×12 cabinets before the felt-covered cabs appeared in Summer 2014). Vintage Leslie rotating speaker; SWR solid-state amplifier.

Guitars: 1999 Koa.

Floor Pedals: Digitech Whammy II; Dunlop Wah; CAE Audio Switcher; Boomerang Phrase Sampler; Goff Trek II Leslie Controller; TC Electronics Nova Repeater Delay; TS-9s.

Rack Pedals: Shin-Ei Univibe.  The Fulltone Tape Delay got its own separate space on a stand next to Trey for this run.  This is one of the earliest times I recall seeing this pedal at all.

Rack:  Furman Power Conditioner, Korg DTR-2 Tuner, Ibanez DM-2000, CAE Super Tremolo and CAE Black Cat Vibe.

midnightThis shot from behind Trey at midnight tells most of the tale.  On the right, you can see the hulking Vintage Leslie.  To its left, you can see the back fo the rack with the Uni-Vibe atop it.  To the left of that is the solid state SWR (I’ve never been able to figure out what this amp is for, though it appeared on stage consistently in early 3.0.  I haven’t seen it recently).  In front of the SWR you can see a bit of the wood from one uncovered 2×12 cab — the old Languedoc cab.  The other was on the JEMP bus (below).  This is the last time these speakers appear without the black felt covering.  At Trey’s feet, you can see, from left, the Goff Trek Leslie controller, the CAE switcher, Whammy II and Nova Repeater, and Boomerang.  The TS-9s are hidden.  On Trey’s right, you can see the separate Fulltone Tape Delay stand.  Trey messed with the delay time and feedback on this thing a lot during these shows.

JEMP SetHere’s the JEMP Bus rig.  You can see another of the 2×12 Languedoc cabs, again without the black felt.  It’s being pushed by a Mesa Mark III long head that is standing on its end next to the speaker.  In front of Trey you can make out at least the TS-9s and wah, and I believe the Ross Compressor and Whammy II were on the floor, as well.

fullton.pngAs noted above, here’s Trey tweaking the Fulltone.  A good view of the beat-up corners of the wood speaker cab, which may explain why they covered them in felt.  The Mark III was in use for the JEMP Bus set, so the Bogner Shiva was in use on the main stage.  It sat atop a Shiva Combo.  This may be the first appearance of the Shiva, and in later appearances, the “Bogner” logo disappeared.  Trey has removed the logos from most of his equipment where they are very prominent, including the Mesa amps and taping over the Boomerang logo on his sampler.

12-31-13 rack.png

Above is a look at the rack from 12-31-13 as the band walked onstage (before AC/DC Bag).  We see the Shin-Ei on top of it, and, from top, the Furman Power Conditioner, Korg DTR-2 Tuner, a blank space, the Ibanez DM-2000, and then it appears a space split between the CAE Super Tremolo and the CAE Black Cat Vibe.  The tweed box facing us is the Victoria Reverbrato.