•  Mesa Boogie Mark III Long Head
•  Bogner Shiva combo
•  Two 2×12 black vertical cabs (Note: this is the first appearance of the black felt covered cabs; these are just the old school wooden Languedoc 2×12 guitar cabinets of previous tours with a new black covering on them).
•  Leslie rotating speaker (this is the last regular appearance of the vintage Leslie before it it replaced by the Leslie G-37)

Guitars: Koa 2.

Floor Pedals:

•  Digitech Whammy II
•  TC Electronic Nova Repeater Digital Delay
•  Dunlop Wah
•  CAE RS-10 Foot Controller
• Boomerang Phrase Sampler
•  Boss FS-5U switches (“ONCE” heavy things sample, Boogie Lead Ch, DM-2000 bypass, other)
•  TS-9/808 Tube Screamers
•  Goff Trek II Leslie Controller (this is the last appearance of this pedal, which is only used with the vintage Leslie, and not the new G-37 Guitar Leslie).

Rack Pedals:

•  Vintage Shin-Ei Univibe
•  Fulltone Tape Delay
•  Ross Compressor


•  Furman Power Conditioner
•  Korg DTR-2 Tuner
•  Alesis Microverb
•  Ibanez DM-2000
•  CAE Black Cat Vibe + CAE Super Tremolo share a space

Screen Shot 2020-03-31 at 11.55.45 AM
Here’s a frontal look at the rig.  Note the Ross compressor on the rack to Trey’s right (our left).

7-19-14 CHICAGO floor closeup
This shot from Chicago’s Northerly Island (7-19-14) shows us the bulk of the floor array.  From Trey’s left, we see the Goff Trek Leslie controller, two FS–5U switches, the CAE switcher, the Whammy II and TC Electronics Nova Delay, then the Wah/TS-9s/Ross Compressor and the Boomerang, followed by the expression pedal that controls the tremolo CHOP speed.  To Trey’s right, above the rack, are the Uni-Vibe and the Fulltone Tape Delay.

The above shot is from Clarkston, MI (7-16-14).  The Mark III long head sits atop the Bogner Shiva combo that is unmic’d (the Bogner logo is obscured by black tape).  They are flanked by the felt-covered 2x12s.  The rack includes the Alesis Microverb, the CAE Super Tremolo and CAE Black Cat Vibe, and the Ibanez DM-2000 (plus power and tuner).

7-26 MPP rack pedals
Above: a close-up of the tape delay and Uni-Vibe from Merriweather (7-26-14)

7-26 MPP full rig
Another shot from Merriweather (7-26) gives a good angle on the floor array.  From Trey’s left: The Goff Trek Leslie controller, the CAE switcher, Whammy II, Delay, Wah, TS-9/808 Tube Screamers and another expression pedal.  The expression pedal on Trey’s right side controls the speed of the tremolo in his rack.  Note the vintage Leslie behind him.  We also get a nice look at the Ross Compressor sitting atop the rack.

floor array
Here’s another look at the floor array, this one from 7/20/14 at Northerly Island.  Note there’s clearly a second Ross Compressor on the floor between the Boomerang and the TS-9’s.  Trey was experimenting with compressor placement during this period and kept them in two different places so he could A/B the results in real time.