Amplification: Mesa Boogie Mark III Long head; 2 felt-covered 2×12 cabs.  Bogner Shiva combo behind stage is plugged in and may be more than just backup.  Leslie G-37 rotating speaker.

Guitars: 1996 Koa (chrome pickup covers removed).  Note: Trey told Jambase the following about his guitar for Summer 2015:  “I replaced the pick ups on all my old guitars with double space single coil pickups that fit into the existing space where my old humbuckers used to be. And I was able to use that single coil sound throughout last summer.”  This may explain why the chrome covers were removed.  Most single-coils are lower output than PAF-style humbuckers, and the covers would only mute them further.  Commenters have suggested these may be Seymour Duncan Stag Mags, which seems plausible.

Floor Pedals: Digitech Whammy II; Boss OC-2 Octave; Beigel Soundlab Tru-Tron3x; Dunlop Wah; CAE RS-10 Audio Switcher; Boomerang Phrase Sampler; Boss FS-5U (heavy things sample).

Rack Pedals: Tubescreamers (note: no Analogman Sunface logo on these), Uni-vibe, H&K Tube Factor; Supa-Puss.

Rack (from top): Furman PL-PRO DMC E Power Conditioner, Korg DTR-2 Tuner, Ibanez DM-2000, TC Electronic D-Two3 x CAE 4×4.

OR head on

In this shot from the Oregon show (7-21-15) he Mesa Boogie is behind Trey to his right.  The felt covered 2×12’s are stacked horizontally behind him.  The rack sits above the Boogie, and above the rack sit the rack pedals.  You can clearly see the green Tubescreamers from this angle.

8-4 nashville overheadThis overhead shot from Nashville (8-4-15) gives us a good angle on the pedals sitting on the rack.  The Univibe is slightly cut off at the top right.  Below it you can see the series Tube Screamers and the H&K next to them.  This also gives us a clear shot of the floor array.  From Trey’s left, you can see the Tru-Tron (in white), then the Whammy II and Octave pedals , the CAE switcher, the Boomerang, and then the wah.

8-1 ATL rear

This angle gives us a clear look at the Leslie G-37 and the Bogner Shiva combo, which is plugged in but not mic’d.

rack close up

This shot from Grand Prairie (7-29-15) shows the top of the rack.  You can see the Tubescreamers, which in this case do NOT have Analogman sunfaces.  Behind them to their left, there’s a Way Huge Supa-Puss (it’s the blue pedal).  You can also clearly see the chrome covers have been removed from the humbuckers on Trey’s ’96 Koa.