Guitars: Sunburst 1943 Martin D-28; Martin D-18 Authentic 1939; 1933 Martin 000-28.  Note: The D-28 is the only guitar that runs into the effects.  The other guitars are for alternate tunings and run straight to the board.

Pickups:  All guitars use a Fishman Rare Earth humbucker in the sound hole as well as a Trance Audio Amulet pickup under the bridge plate with bass and treble usually panned Left/Right in the PA.


Voodoo Labs Pedal Switcher:

  • Ch 1: Whammy II
  • Ch 2: Boomerang v. 1.2.  This Boomerang has updated memory and op-amps. All the Boomerangs had an op-amp chip swap earlier this year resulting in better audio quality, more headroom, less noise, and less hiss.
  • Ch 3: Keeley Eccos (modified).  Spring or plate reverb emulation (always on) + warm dynamic tape echo with capability for remote bypass and tap tempo switching. Note: this has a wet-only output option, and the reverb and echo are parallel, making it an ideal candidate for pairing with the Ambikab in Trey’s electric rig.  Generally effects are run in series, one into the next, such that if you have a delay running into a reverb, the delayed signal (the repeats) will also have reverb.  This is generally true of 2-in-1 pedals, as well.  With a parallel effect, by contrast, the repeats are dry (no reverb) as neither effect impacts the other.  The result should be cleaner and less cluttered overall.  We’ll be working up some demos of this pedal once we get our hands on one.
  • Ch 4: Victoria Reverberato.  Note the Boss FS-7 controller on the right side of the Boomerang with switches labeled “R” (reverb) and “T” (tremolo) that controls the Reverberato features.

Note: the Voodoo Labs Pedal Switcher is modified so that the effects order is reversed from what would be typical.  Hence, the order runs right to left.

Ortega ANNAlog percussion stomp box (x2; note: there’s a mat treatment over these boxes to make them snappier with soft-soled shoes).

Martin D-18 at the Ryman

Martin D-28 at the Ryman

From this side, you can see the Victoria Reverberato under the table to the right of Trey’s chair.

The remote loops have also returned for this tour.  For more on that setup, check out the end of the 2018 Spring Classic TAB tour entry, where I’ve explained that whole setup in detail.