There were some substantial changes to the Rig for Fall 2019 Phish tour.  A few highlights:

  • The Ambikab loops are running customized Keeley Electronics Eccos reverb/delays now.  The Eccos replace Eventide Space and Time Factors in the Ambi loops.
  • Trey is using Koa 2.
  • Trey is using some new amplification.  Details below.

I’ve written more details on all of this in the New Year’s entry, as well.

Amplification: 2 x Komet K60.  1 Special Guest Amp (Note: Trey was using a loaner guitar amp head (the “Special Guest Amp” or “SGA”) in addition to his customary pair of Komet 60 heads.  The SGA is on loan from a high end amp shop in New York and it’s unclear at the moment whether it’ll be incorporated as part of the permanent rig.  I’ve done some reporting on this amp and have identified them, but Trey is not ready to talk about it publicly yet, and I’m going to respect that boundary here as well.  Once Trey starts talking publicly about it, I’ll backfill any posts at TGR accordingly.

TRS outputs:  In order to achieve a direct, uninterrupted signal path between his pickups and the first preamp tube (V1) of the SGA while still maintaining access to his effects, Trey had TRS stereo outputs installed on his guitars, where one of the two stereo channels runs direct to the SGA and the second runs into the Bradshaw effects switching system and then a Komet 60.  Though he doesn’t use both amps at the same time, Trey can set loops/delays/reverbs with the effects on the Komets and then switch outputs and play over them on the SGA.  So you may hear what sounds like two guitars at once.


3 Komet Ambikabs.  The Ambikabs are wet-dry rigs-in-a-box with their own effects loops with separate 10″ speakers.  The 12″ speakers are Celestion Heritage 65’s.  Trey is using customized Keeley Eccos pedals for reverb and delay functions in all Ambikabs.  There were 3 Ambi’s on stage, one facing forward and 2 facing rearward.


Electric:  Koa 2.  Ocelot is backstage.  Backup is Blonde No. 2.

Mics: Trey’s rig is mic’d by a Shure SM-57 and a Royer SF-12.  The SE GuitarF Reflexion Filters are no longer in use.


•  2 x Tube Screamer (vintage TS-808)
•  Klon
•  Ross Compressor

•  Digitech Whammy II
•  2 x Electro Harmonix (“EHX”) POG2
•  Boss OC-2 Octave Pedal
•  EHX Key 9 x 2 (different sensitivity settings)
•  2 x Beigel Tru-Tron 3x Envelope Filter (one sweeps UP, one DOWN)
•  CAE Wah
Note — Trey was experimenting with Envelope Filters during this run.  He also used a Keeley Neutrino and Q-Tron +

Time-Based (reverb and delay)
•  Boomerang
•  Eventide Space Reverb (Centaurus algo)
•  Keeley Eccos delay and reverb in Ambikabs
•  2 x Way Huge Supa Puss atop rack (all have the R79 removed from the printed circuit board, allowing for a smoother curve or more linear slope on the mix control.  One is set to quarter note, the other to dotted eighth)
•  Ibanez DM-2000 digital delay
•  Digitech Obscura Reverse Delay

•  Victoria Reverberato
•  Shin -Ei UniVibe
•  Boss RT-20 Rotary Ensemble x 2 (fast and slow; settings 1 and 4. The second Rotary replaced the CHOP). )

Here are the three Keeley Electronics Eccos pedals in the rack drawer. They replaced the Eventide Space and Time Factors. Trey’s Eccos are customized and he runs them 100% wet in the Ambikab loops. You can also see the TS-808 Tube Screamers, Klon, and Ross Compressor along the right edge.

Here’s the floor array at the Met. From left, a volume expression pedal, the RST-24 and Expander, the CAE Wah, Digitech Whammy II, and Boomerang.

Here is Trey posing with his rig during Fall tour. You can see the Komet Silvercloud amplifier head behind Trey next to his Ambikab. Behind the rack is low resolution, but pretty well lit in this Soundcheck shot. From the top, you can clearly make out the two blue Supa Pusses on the top row, the Eventide Space Reverb and CAE Tremolo in the rack below, the wireless transmitter below that, then the green Tube Screamers and gold Klon, the Ross Compressor, and then the Eccos. Behind the rack is the tweed Victoria Reverberato sitting on a rearward-facing Ambikab. To the left of the rack, you can see the back of a second rearward-facing Ambikab with the bullhorn atop it.

Here’s a rare glimpse at the rack top. Lately this has been covered during shows. The Victoria Reverberato is facing us with the bullhorn on it. At the bottom left of the rack is the Digitech Obscura, which Trey uses for Reverse Delay. Above that toward Trey is the EHX Key 9. The two Supa Pusses are center closest to Trey. On the right, closest to us is the Tru-Tron 3x. Above that is the Q-tron + envelope filter, and beyond that is the EHX POG2.

Here’s an SGA in between Trey’s legs in Providence. He’s holding Koa 2.

Koa 2 at sound check in Providence.  Note the middle toggle switch — the mini toggle — is gone.  There is no longer a series/parallel selector switch on any of Trey’s guitars.  The remaining toggle controls pickup selection.  Middle position is humbucker, while the outer positions provide inner single coil and outer single coil.  There is also a push-pull to control a Tip/Ring/Sleeve (“TRS”) output on the guitar, which allows Trey to send a signal straight to an amp and another into the RST-24 effects.

Here’s the RST-24 and Expander.

Trey and Ocelot backstage at the Met.

A nice look at the floor array from Nassau.