The rig at Riviera Maya remained fairly stable as compared to the previous few tours.  A few items are worth mentioning:

Custom Keeley Eccos “Glazed” Edition:  The Ambikab effects sections continue to be powered by a fully customized version of the Keeley Eccos made just for Trey.  The pedal runs Reverb and Delay in Parallel (not series).  

  • Reverb.  There are 2 reverb types: spring and plate, selectable with a toggle.  Reverb controls are: level, tone, and decay.  The reverb section is always ON. 
  • Delay.  The are 2 delay types: digital and tape.  Delay controls are: level, tone, feedback, time.  There’s another a 1/4″ TRS jack for remote control.  The tip is Delay tap tempo and the ring is Delay bypass.  They can be controlled by the RST-24 (as generally used with Phish) or without (as on the floating platform at MSG). There is a 1/4″ TRS jack that can run to an expression pedal that allows Trey to sweep a filter on the delay repeats.  This is currently not used but it’s an experiment aimed at future use.
  • Wet-only.  The main output (marked mono) provides wet only, with no dry signal, and runs to the AmbiKab 10” speakers.  This is the delay and reverb output as mixed on the level knobs.  There is a second output (marked stereo) that includes dry signal to which the reverb and delay can be mixed in.  This second output was used on the Trey Solo Acoustic Tour, since that tour did not feature the AmbiKabs.

Whammy II (Octave):  The OC-2 was replaced by a second Digitech Whammy II.  The second Whammy lives in the rack and is set to octave-down with the expression pedal engaged so that by tapping the RST-24 channel selector for this channel, Trey gets an octave down sound without menu-scrolling.  This is the octave sound Trey is most often using with the wah.

Envelope Filter:  The second envelope filter is a Keeley Neutrino.

RST Channel Listing:  Some lucky shots from the video feed allowed us to piece together a complete channel listing for the RST-24; see below.

Digitech Obscura Delay:  The Obscura has been in the rig since Fall 2019, and saw a lot of use in Mexico.  Trey uses this exclusively for the Reverse Delay setting, which frees up his Boomerang to use for sampling.


•  2 x Special Guest Amps (“SGAs” – See 2019-20 NYE for more on the SGAs.  Long story short: TGR is choosing not to identify these amps at this time).  SGA #1 is run completely “dry” other than the effects in the Ambikab loop.  SGA #2 is the “wet” rig, with all the effects in the Bradshaw switcher running in front of it.

•  1 x Komet 60 (backup)


•  3 Komet Ambikabs.  The Ambikabs are wet-dry rigs-in-a-box with their own effects loops with separate 10″ speakers.  The 12″ speakers are Celestion Heritage 65’s.  Keeley Eccos Glazed Edition Reverb and Delay.  There were 2 Ambi’s out front and a 3rd connected to the Komet 60 facing rear as a backup.

•  The cabs are mic’d by a Shure SM-57 and a Royer SF-12.


•  Koa 2
•  Ocelot is backstage
•  Backup is Blonde No. 2


•  2 x Tube Screamer (vintage TS-808)
•  Klon
•  Ross Compressor

•  2 x Digitech Whammy II  (one set to octave down and mostly used with Wah; the other for pitch bending)
•  1 x Electro Harmonix (“EHX”) POG2
•  EHX Key 9 x 2 (different sensitivity settings)
•  CAE Wah
•  1 x Beigel Tru-Tron 3x Envelope Filter
•  1 x Keeley Neutrino Envelope Filter

Time-Based (reverb and delay)
•  Boomerang
•  Eventide Space Reverb (Centaurus algo)
•  Customized Keeley Eccos Glazed Edition delay and reverb in Ambikabs
•  2 x Way Huge Supa Puss atop rack (all have the R79 removed from the printed circuit board, allowing for a smoother curve or more linear slope on the mix control.  One is set to quarter note, the other to dotted eighth)
•  Ibanez DM-2000 digital delay
•  Digitech Obscura (for reverse delay)

•  Victoria Reverberato
•  Shin -Ei UniVibe
•  Boss RT-20 Rotary Ensemble x 2 (fast and slow; settings 1 and 4.  The second Rotary replaced the CHOP).

From this photo we can extrapolate a full channel listing for the RST, which tells us the vast majority of what we want to know about the rig.

rst listing
Here’s the channel listing for the RST-24 foot controller and expander.

Koa 2

Here you can see the front-facing AmbiKabs. Also, at far right, you can see Blonde No. 2 and the purple and white Komet 60 on the floor facing Fishman, and the tweedy yellow Victoria Reverberato behind the rack.

The floor array. From left: Expression pedal, RST-24 and Expander, CAE Wah, Digitech Whammy II, Boomerang.  There’s a silver Snark tuner out in front.

More Trey and Koa 2.