Justin Stabler, a custom guitar builder and experienced guitar tech, joined Trey’s team as a guitar tech in mid-2021.  Justin has extensive experience working on guitars, including time at 30th Street Guitars in New York City and Joe Glaser Instruments in Nashville.  He also builds custom instruments under the name Apollo Custom Guitars.  

justin RST

Stabler got his start as a touring tech when a guitar player for Lauryn Hill called 30th Street Guitars in New York looking for help on an overseas tour.  Stabler toured with Hill for several years, and went on to tech for guitarists touring with Ricky Martin and Hall & Oates.  Immediately before joining Trey’s team, Stabler was tech for John Shanks while Shanks toured with Bon Jovi, and sometimes worked with Jon Bon Jovi on private engagements.

Screen Shot 2022-05-22 at 2.16.24 PM
Justin, Bob Bradshaw, and Trey working on the wet/dry rig in late 2021.

Our heartfelt congratulations to Justin.  We know this team is going to do incredible things with this rig!