New + Notable:  Trey added an Empirical Labs Distressor compression unit to his effects rack, and a Lexicon PCM 42 digital delay to his wet rack, which previously had included reverb only.

Electric Guitar Amplification:

• 1 x Trainwreck Express
By the fourth night of the MSG run in April, Trey was down to a single Trainwreck head, and he stuck with that for Spring and Summer 2022.  There’s no longer a second head dedicated to the effects rig.

Electric Guitar Cabinets:

• Bruno 1 x 12. This is the DRY cab.  For this tour, Trey used a “naked”, i.e., uncovered Bruno cabinet.   It’s loaded with a single G12-65H speaker, as per Trey’s usual preference.   This cabinet is mic’d with a Royer R-122V vacuum tube ribbon mic and a Shure Beta 57a.
• 2 1×12 custom WET RIG cabinets (black).   These are loaded with Celestion F12-X200 speakers and mic’d with Royer Labs R-121 Ribbon mics.
• Leslie G-37 guitar rotating speaker.

Electric Guitars:

• Koa 1.  This was the primary instrument for summer tour.
• Koa 2.  This guitar was at Dick’s.

Electric Rig Effects:

• 2 x Tube Screamer (vintage TS-808)
• Klon Centaur Overdrive
NEW: Empirical Labs Distressor Compressor.  When in use, this took the place of the Ross Compressor.

• Digitech Whammy II
• 1 x Electro Harmonix (“EHX”) POG2
• EHX Key 9
• CAE Wah
• Mu-Tron 3 Envelope Filter
• 2 x Line 6 M5 Stompbox modeler. One is labeled “PRE” and the other “POST”, which refers to their effect order in the Bradshaw rig.
• 2 x Boss SY-1 Synthesizer

Time-Based (reverb and delay)
• Boomerang
• Eventide Space Reverb
• 3 x Way Huge Supa Puss atop rack: (1) set to quarter note, (2) set to dotted eighth, (3) set to tapped 1/4 note and low in the mix, a “thickener” they call “SOAR”. All have the Analogman Mix Pot Taper Mod, which removes the R79 resistor from the printed circuit board, allowing for a smoother curve or more linear slope on the mix control.
• Ibanez DM-2000 digital delay
• Digitech Obscura (for reverse delay)

• Victoria Reverberato
• Shin -Ei UniVibe
• CAE/Black Cat Super Tremolo (usually for CHOP)

Wet Rack
• Bricasti Design Model 7 Stereo Reverb Processor (this takes a line out feed from the custom switchbox that selects amp heads so that both the DIRECT and EFFECTS head have reverb.
NEW: Lexicon PCM 42 Digital delay.
• Fryette LX II Stereo Power Amp (this reamps the signal coming from the effects)

full rig jul 20 2022
Here’s a great front-facing look at most of the rig with Koa 1. 7/20/2022.

overhead - rene - xfinity
An overhead shot of the floor array from Rene Huemer at the Xfinity Center in Mansfield.

koa 2 sep 3 2022
Koa 2 in Commerce City.

rene - pedal rack wreck rear charleston
Charleston.  At left, the Leslie G37. In middle, the Trainwreck (you can see the tube complement!) and below it the Victoria Reverberato (you can see settings). At right are the rack top effects, including 2xLine 6 M5’s, a vintage Mu Tron, three Supa Puss delays and a POG2.

wet rig aug 13 2022
A look at the back of the rig. The Victoria Reverberato is facing us. Below it is the small rack that carries the wet rig, including the Bricasti, Lexicon, and Fryette.  8/13/2022.

floor array aug 12 2022 - logo
The floor array from behind.  8/12/2022.

rack - rock lititz
This photo was released in July by Bob Bradshaw and the Custom Audio Electronics crew in Rock Lititz, PA, after they made some more tweaks to Trey’s road rig, including adding the Distressor and the Lexicon delay.

rack rear rock lititz
A rare detailed rear view of the rack.

princeton backstage rene wantagh
Trey sitting on a Princeton Reverb backstage at Jones Beach.

reverberato jones beach rene
From Rene Huemer, another nice look inside the Trainwreck with the Victoria logo facing us.  Jones Beach, NY.