Electric Guitar Cabinets:

•  Bruno 1 x 12.  This is the DRY cab.  This cabinet is mic’d with a Royer R-122V vacuum tube ribbon mic and a Shure Beta 57a.
•  2 1×12 custom wet rig cabinets (black).   They’re loaded with Celestion F12-X200 speakers.  These cabinets are mic’d with Royer Labs R-121 Ribbon mics.  For some shows (including 11/17) the wet speakers were not used and Trey used the dry rig only.

Electric Guitars:

•  Koa 1.   Single output, no push-pull.  

Electric Rig Effects:

•  2 x Tube Screamer (vintage TS-808)
•  Ross Compressor

•  Digitech Whammy II.   The Whammy appeared for some dates but not others, and may not have been used for any of the Goose leg.
•  CAE Wah.  This sat to the right of the board.  
•  Line 6 M5 Stompbox modeler PRE.  The PRE unit is at the beginning of the effects chain and has three presets: “Growl”, “Synth”, and “Octave”.

Time-Based (reverb and delay)
•  1 x Way Huge Supa Puss
• Line 6 M5 Stompbox modeler POST.  The POST unit is at the end of the effects chain and has three presets: “1024” (designed to emulate the Ibanez DM2000), “Sweep Echo”, and “Reverse” (previously handled by the Boomerang and then the Digitech Obscura).

•   Nux Monterey Vibe.

Wet Rack
•  Bricasti Design Model 7 Stereo Reverb Processor (this takes a line out feed from the custom switchbox that selects amp heads so that both the DIRECT and EFFECTS head have reverb.
•  Fryette LX II Stereo Power Amp (this reamps the signal coming from the switchbox)

Here’s a great look at the smaller pedal board from Troutdale on 9/25/2022 You can see attached to the front of the board, from right: Ross Compressor, Nux Monterey, Supa Puss delay, and two Tube Screamers. The CAE wah and Digitech Whammy are at Trey’s right foot. The wet speakers are in place behind him. Photo by Dave Vann.

Here’s a look at the board from the Goose leg of the tour. Trey is working the wah with an unidentified expression pedal to his right. The midi switcher closest to Trey is the RST Base model, which includes 8 midi channels and forms the core of the rig. Behind it are two RST expanders, which add four channels of midi each. On either side of the expanders are the two Line 6 M5 pedals.

Here’s the Trainwreck and 1×12 without wet speakers from the 11/19 show with Goose.

Here’s a good look at the rull rig from Troutdale 9/25. Photo by Dave Vann.

Of course, it’s Koa 1. 9/24/2022 Redmond, WA. Photo by Dave Vann.