Trey brought out a substantial revision to the rig on the last night of TAB’s 2017 fall tour, including re-introduction of the Envelope Filter, removal of a Tube Screamer, and a return to using both Komets, one for Fender-style tones, and one for a more aggressive, Marshall-style sound.  Details below.

AmplificationTrainwreck Komet 60 (x2) — 1 of these amps is labeled “Main” and “6L6” and the other is labeled “Marsh,” “Spare,” and “EL-34.”  The second amp appears to be no longer treated as a pure backup, but instead brings different tones into the mix, as was the case when Trey first introduced the Komets at 2016 NYE.

Cabinets:  2 Komet Ambikabs.  Each Komet has its own dedicated Ambikab, and each Ambikab has its own Supa Puss and Eventide Space Reverb effects loop.

Guitars: Koa #1.  Koa 2 is on stage as backup.

Floor Pedals:BoomerangWhammy IICAE RS-10 Audio Switcher (see here for signal chain), Crybaby WahErnie Ball Volume, Boss FS-5 switches (see breakdown below).

Rack Pedals: 1 x TS-808Shin-ei Uni-Vibe; Beigel Tru-Tron3x Envelope Filter; Klon Centaur; Moog Moogerfooger MF-104M Analog Delay.  Atop the Ambikabs are 2 x Eventide Space Reverbs and 2 x Way Huge Supa Puss delays.

Rack (from top):  Furman Power Conditioner, Korg DTR-2 Tuner, Ibanez DM-2000, 3 x CAE 4×4.

Mics: Trey’s rig is mic’d by a Shure SM-57 and a Royer SF-12.  Trey also uses SE GuitarF Reflexion Filters to isolate these mics.

Below, you can see the newly updated rack pedals.  Note that Trey is down to a single Tube Screamer for the first time since early 1.0.   The Klon Centaur is back, as is the Tru-Tron 3x Envelope Filter. You can also see in this show the markings on each Komet amp.

Rack and Komets.jpg

Below, you get a detailed look at the Boss FS-5 footswitches and CAE controller.  Note the new signal chain.  Also note that there are two switches labeled “KILL” and two switches labeled “PUSS TAP,” as there are now separate, fully independent effects loops for each Komet/Ambikab.  Above and to the right of the CAE is an FS-5 labeled BYPASS DM-2000, which is necessary because the DM-2000 shares a loop with the Boomerang.

CAE FS-5 detail

Below is the rest of the floor array, including Wah, Whammy II, and Boomerang.

Floor Array.jpg

As you can see below, each Komet/Ambikab has a separate and fully independent effects loop.  Each Ambikab also is double-mic’d, one for the dry signal and one for the wet, and each mic has an SE Electronics GuitaRF Reflection Filter.  Note the Ambikab on the right is labeled “MAIN 6L6.”  Finally, to the left of the guitar (Koa 1), you can see a footswitch labeled “TALK TO BAND.”  It attaches to a microphone that allows Trey to silently communicate with his band.


Below is the full rig from front:

Full Rig - social.jpg