The rig for the MSG New Year’s Run was almost entirely the same as the rig we saw during Phish’s fall tour, so if you want more details on anything, check out that entry.   A few tweaks were made, including the return of the MXR Bass Envelope Filter, and of course the EOB Stratocaster and Martin 000-28 made an appearance.  Some annotated photos are below.  The Ross Compressor was not used for this run.

Amplification: 2 x Komet Trainwreck 60.  One has 6L6 tubes and the other has EL-34, with the 6L6 being used most often.   6L6 is a blackface-to-tweedy Fender sound with a strong mid-focus, while the EL-34 is a Marshall sound, with an even more aggressive, muscular low end.


Ambikabs:  2 Komet Ambikabs.  Each Ambikab has its own effects loop with a Source Audio Ventris Reverb and an Eventide TimeFactor.  The 12″ speakers are Celestion Heritage 65’s.  The cabs are cross-mic’d for a wider soundstage; see below for more details.

Leslies:  2 x Leslie G-37.  One of the Leslies is dedicated to guitar, while the other is used for the samples coming from the McMillen 12-step.  There is a Leslie speed selector switch and a volume expression pedal that controls the Guitar Leslie volume.


Electric:  Koa 1; Fender Ed O’Brien Stratocaster; 1939 Martin 000-28

Mics: Trey’s rig is mic’d by a Shure SM-57 and a Royer SF-12.  Trey also uses SE GuitarF Reflexion Filters to isolate these mics.  Trey also told me that he added extra filters to the non-mic’d speakers just to tame some of the stage volume.

Effects (see below for order):

•  2 x Tube Screamer (vintage TS-808)
•  Klon

•  Digitech Whammy II
•  1 x Electro Harmonix (“EHX”) POG2
•  EHX B9
•  2 x Beigel Tru-Tron 3x Envelope Filter (one sweeps UP, one DOWN)
•  CAE Wah

Time-Based (reverb and delay)
•  Boomerang
•  Eventide Space Reverb
•  Source Audio Ventris (Ambikab Loops)
•  2 x Eventide TimeFactor (Ambikab Loops, set to DIGI)
•  Moog MF-104M analog delay
•  2 x Way Huge Supa Puss atop rack (both have the R79 removed from the printed circuit board, allowing for a smoother curve or more linear slope on the mix control.  One is set to quarter note, the other to dotted eighth.)
•  Ibanez DM-2000 digital delay

•  Victoria Reverberato
•  Bradshaw Custom Super Tremolo (for CHOP)
•  Shin -Ei UniVibe
•  McMillen 12-step midi keyboard foot controller (see the bottom of the 2018 Spring TAB Tour entry for a full explainer)

Here are the pedals that sit on Trey’s rack. Mostly the same as what we’ve seen, though rearranged to give Trey some easier access and to allow that top panel to lay flat.

Here’s the floor array annotated. The CAE wah is hidden behind Trey’s legs.

Trey works the Whammy II.

The Martin 000-28 came out for Bliss. This guitar first appeared during Trey’s solo acoustic tour in December 2018. It was built in 1933.